I have always been fascinated by that emotion that gives, being able to stop time in an image. An instant, which will never be repeated forever immortalized.

My love for photography has grown quiet inside me for many years until the day it exploded around the age of 20, overwhelming me as if it weren't expecting anything else.

Over the years I have married two fields of photography that I can't do without: people, and animals. The reality is that both people and animals are in love, their movements, expressions, gestures are all things that have always fascinated me. In fact it is not rare to find myself captured by a new face, gesture or smile. Through my photography I love to stop this.

I call myself a storyteller, I love telling stories, making sense, driving on a journey of memories through images.

And so, I found where to vent my passion, in matrimonialist photography.

Mine is a search for spontaneous, intimate photography of the moment, I absolutely do not like to impose untidy poses or impose a photo that fails to come well.

The watchword is: SPONTANEITY

The perfect shot for me must flow, flow, it must be seized without being chased. I love paying attention to details, I love their care and I have always been convinced that in small things there is a huge value hidden.

I love the idea of giving you memories full of emotions so that you can relive them every time you feel the need, after a year or after a lifetime.

Delicate, romantic, intimate, evocative, this is my ideal marriage.
Mine is a continuous search, a continuous discovery.

And all this for just one huge reason.
I love getting excited.


I am a daydreamer and I’m free. That’s the way I am and the way I want to be.

I like to change. I change my mindset, my life, my dreams, my point of view, especially when I realize that I’m wrong. I’m always changing, because life doesn’t stop for anybody and I don’t like to stand still. I’m constantly looking for my own way to look at the world, so my style might not be for everyone. I’m curious, I love to learn from people I meet and to give them something back. I came to photography by “chance”, like so many wonderful things that “just happen”. The need to express myself has led me to study photography, and as I come to explore it more deeply I’ve also discovered myself. ME, IN A NUTSHELL I’m in love with life, so I support love. I like to travel around the world – every place I go I find and leave a little piece of myself. I adore my family, especially my little niece. I’m addicted to listening to music, writing and reading books on rainy days. I’m crazy for Star Wars movies. I can’t live without pizza.  

I’m based in Tessin, Switzerland. I’m available for Destination Wedding photography and worldwide travel.